Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Why I Love Fall

Is this not the cutest outfit ever?
Fall Colors.
To list a few...

Seriously, go cut some.  Do it now.  And don't spend more than 30 seconds arranging.

Crisp Weather.
Accommodates the fashion-related favorites on this list.
Family, good food and a pretty table.  What could be better?

Apple Cake.
Let it be known that Tam Fletcher makes the best apple cake ever.  I must get her recipe.
Fall Sunlight.
Peaks of Otter last fall.

Still hoping to make two of these this season.

Will locate and post the recipe I made last fall.

Comfy Chair. Good Book. Hot Coffee.
Three in one, but you gotta have them together.

Isn't this great?

Love that they are still alive. Alive?  Whatever, you get the point.
Source: bhg.com via Katie on Pinterest

Dare ya to try a different one each day for the next month.
What do you love most about fall? 
ps.  If this isn't your favorite season, then you should go search for condos on the beach and dream about your 2013 summer vacation or something.  Or you could stick around and let us change your mind.


  1. Lol, too much eye candy for me to sufficiently comment on! But let me just say that every fall I intend to corral a bunch of branches in a vase and it never happens. Let this year be that year!!!

  2. oh man - i wish i had some trees with live acorns on them. that makes the most beautiful display!!

  3. What a beautiful post - I need to find some branches. When I was at the flower mart last week getting flowers for the wedding they had pumpkins and branches galore. I so want to go back and pick up some things for fall.
    My favorite part of the fall is how the sun sits lower and the way the light streams in. The cooler evenings (sweater time!) and the anticipation of cozy family dinners ... I love the beach this time of year too - all the people clear out and the sunsets are great!

  4. Watching the light flicker through amber gold trees in our front yard as evening approaches. Little boys scampering like happy squirrels through crunching leaves...
    these are a few of my favorite things! = )


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