Thursday, November 08, 2012

Niagara Falls

As requested, pictures from our vacation this fall...
Just outside of Buffalo, we toured a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Let me just say right off that I was much more into this than David.  There may have even been a bit of a spat in the parking lot.  lol. Let's keep this real, ok?  So you don't go thinking that we won some kind of award for the perfect anniversary trip.  Back on track... this house sit down a long lane, right on the edge of Lake Erie.  The cliff behind the house has literally eroded away from the huge steel staircase that used to give access to the lake.
Front view.  Entrance on far left. Windows allow a view of the lake.
Back view. Notice the sunken lawn. Poplar Forest has one too.  Must be the thing to do.
View towards portico entrance.  These planters were located within arms reach of the kitchen window.  Ok, maybe just the top one, but you get the point.  Totally cool.

Niagara Falls
We stayed on the Canadian side and these photos prove that, if you are going to the trouble of making the trip up there, you need to be able to get into Canada.  Of course, I don't know what the view is from the States, but it simply can't be as good. :)
View towards the States.

Look at those clouds!

Dadgum piece of hair in my face.

View from one of the tunnel lookout points.
Absolutely gorgeous day.

Lundy's Lane...where signage companies upchuck.
Niagara On The Lake... cutest town ever.

Unique shops

and restaurants.
Beautiful planters.

View across the river towards the States.  I think that's an old fort.
Lots of beautiful wineries!
So overall we had a really great time!  I do feel so blessed to have been able to take a trip like this.  David is not a huge traveler and definitely NOT a sightseer, but this location was pretty much all his idea.  That in itself is somewhat of a miracle.  haha.  But this trip was not without some moments of serious frustration either.  We had a couple lazy days, a couple fun days and... a couple... other... days.  After five years, I think I'm finally getting around to accepting our differences for what they are and not ascribing them to something bigger.  I could say more, but I'll stop while I'm ahead.
So the moral of the story is this... if your anniversary trip is not all rainbows and sunshine, if, in fact, it incorporates a few slamming doors and a bit of silent treatment, you're probably more normal than you think.  Everyone else is only sharing the good stuff.
This is thankfulness mixed with realism.


  1. Love it:) Silent treatment???? what's that? And boy do men and women have differences:)

  2. Lovely pictures...and thanks for keeping it real!! lol! :)

  3. Um, I've been to Niagra Falls twice (once American side and once Canadian side) and somehow managed to miss the good FLW and quaint shopping experience. Hmmm. perhaps I need to go back for number three.


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