Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I've read just enough of this book to realize its potential to change my life.  You know the feeling you get when the Lord keeps putting a specific message in front of you?  Like, it pops up everywhere you turn and eventually you realize it must not be coincidence?  I have a feeling of nervous anticipation about this one...

Do you know what I mean?  So let's encourage one another.  What has God been placing in front of you lately?  How are you choosing to respond?


  1. Ohh. Looks like a brave adventure. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Lately I have been convicted to do more for the poor and the orphans. Not just financial help, but prayers as well. Also, our pastor challenged us to be in daily prayer for Obama and his team . Kinda tough stuff even though both of these things are biblical! Best wishes, and thanks for the bday wish!

  2. OOOOOO This book scares me! I'm thinking I need Troy to read it first....that way it can be his idea....not me pushing. Or is that a cop out? Since he's not likely to have time? He does love Jen's writings too though....she is one funny lady! With such a great heart. Tell me how it goes! I know what you mean though....about that Uh Oh feeling!!!! Somehow when God know it's probably NOT going to make your life more cushy and flesh screams NOOOOOOo....but my spirit is cheering........I Want to.......but yet I don't.....ya know? SO dang HUMAN.....sigh.


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