Saturday, March 02, 2013

Forgotten Song

I am not a country music fan.  Never have been.  Actually, when the news came out about Mindy McCready a couple weeks ago, David assured me that I would recognize at least one of her songs.  I didn't.
This week I found and reread some old diaries (which I look forward to burning by the way) and ran across the words to this song.  The tune is very predictable and repetitious, but I still love the words so, so much.  May this song bless you today!
"We're tied to our memories.  They won't let us stray.
We're not gonna loose ones we made yesterday.
We look to our future and we make all our plans
as if we control what is out of our hands.
We start getting older the moment we live.
Look over your shoulder, there's hindsight to give.
Come good days and bad days the sun's gonna rise
so why look beyond what's in front of your eyes?"

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