Monday, March 04, 2013

More Chatting

In an effort to examine the thoughts and feelings I had after first watching the video above, I went back, watched it again and made a few notes.  Here is part one, where we discussed hospitality without self-consciousness or excuses.  
The second note I jotted down was…
  • Made with "loving hands"
To me, this indicates that love is celebrated above all. It acknowledges that if love is not present, nothing else matters, while also acknowledging that when love is present, it trumps everything else. 

Hospitality is defined as "fond of guests, friendly to strangers, lover of entertaining strangers and guests".  So we can say that if fondness, friendliness and love is not present, then it doesn't matter how ideal your home is for entertaining, how often you have people over, or how successful your dinner parties are... it all rings hollow without love.

1 Corinthians 13 for the Hostess

Love is patient with her children and kind to her husband as she prepares for guests.
Love is content to use whatever items she already has to serve her guests and is humbled to be given the opportunity.
Love is down-to-earth, approachable and gracious in her conduct and conversations, making her guests feel comfortable.
Love is flexible when something does not go as she planned.
Love mops up spilled drink with a smile and remembers what her husband did to help her get ready for guests.
Love gently changes the subject when the conversation veers in an inappropriate or unkind direction.
Love praises the Lord for the blessing of relationships that are built and strengthened through hospitality.

The last time we had dinner company, I couldn’t have been further from this standard- literally, in every single way.  I won’t burden you with the details, but suffice it to say that I am (for the first time I can ever remember) nervous to try again.  Thankfully, our dear friends are gracious and forgiving and I realize that lessons learned in other areas of my life apply to this situation as well. 

This standard of hostessing is not a “how-to” list to be mastered or a checklist to be referred to, but a picture of what hospitality looks like when Christ is at the center. 

Let’s invest our energy in spending time with Him!

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