Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Diamond-Painted Pinboard

Inspiration from The Happy Home via Pinterest...

My version...

4 Cork Tiles (12" square)
Painters Tape
Paint + Paint Brush
23 3/4" sq. 1/4" Plywood + Glue (optional)
2 sawtooth picture mounts or 16 3M velcro strips
1.  Follow Belinda's instructions.  I marked from the outside corners and made my stripes the width of the Frog Tape.  The last stripe (center square) ended up being a little narrower than the rest.
2.  Let dry, then (optional) glue the tiles to a piece of plywood.  Push the center edges together as tight as you can before the glue dries, then stack some heavy books on top and let that sit for a few days.
3.  Mount to the wall using 3M velcro strips as shown in the instructions or use a picture hanging method of some kind.  I used two little sawtooth picture mounts.
4.  Pin away!
Currently our pin board holds ticket stubs that we have saved from all sorts of events... concerts, conferences, sporting, tourist attractions, etc.  There are also a couple special pictures, a painted bookmark from my Grandmother, some fabric samples and a couple Herman comics that are still funny every time.
I'm sure this board will end up collecting many other items, but for now I'm enjoying the nostalgia!

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