Friday, March 08, 2013

Pleated Ikat Valance

Let me remind you...
Now lookee...
I had a bit of trouble getting started on this project because I was unsure about how to mark a perfectly straight cut-line through the width of the fabric.  Do you mark and cut based on the print?  What if the design is not printed straight on the fabric?  Do you use a measuring tape or is there such thing as a seamstress square?  Maybe something quilters use?  I ended up finding a way to make it work, but I'd love to know the correct way.

David cut me a length of board and mounted L brackets on the underside.  I finished all the edges and ran a basting stitch along the top to hold the box pleats in place before stapling it to the board.  Ideally, the valance would have a box pleat in each corner, but I didn't have enough fabric width.  So instead, it simply wraps around the sides.  Lastly, I glued the very top edges of the valance to each end of the board.

We mounted it right at the ceiling and I'd say the space behind it is half wall and half window.  Originally, it hung down an additional five inches.  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture to show you, but raising the hem made a huge difference.  Even David noticed it!  And if you're married to a pretty stereotypical man's man (said lovingly), you know this a memorable event. :)

Next up- the full office reveal... I know, I know- it's like Christmas in March.  Do try to contain your excitement.

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