Friday, May 31, 2013


Last May, some little cuties "planted" asparagus in my garden. :)  Bumper crop, I'm tellin' ya.
My mom never fixed it growing up, so I really have no idea how to cook it.  Last week, I picked some up at the grocery and tried this recipe.
It was alright, but didn't win any awards.  And it got cold faster than I anticipated, which gave me flashbacks of hacking down cold squash long after suppertime.  Ew.
Do you like asparagus?  If so, what's your favorite way to fix it?  Please share!


  1. We love it sauted in butter (the real stuff) with sea salt and pepper. YuM :)

  2. We love it like Kami said but we tried an especially yummy new way this week... Sautéed in olive oil, partway through adding a splash of agave nectar & balsamic vinegar & several cloves of chopped garlic & sea salt. Twas fab!


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